Sowing SQL Speaker Seeds

(To all experienced technology speakers, especially those in the PASS community, and especially those in the Twin Cities, MN regional area…)

You have the power to help transform someone’s career.

Do you remember the first time you spoke at a user group meeting? Do you remember your first Speaker badge at a conference? How nervous were you? How close were you to abandoning the whole affair? Did you need a little encouragement to take the plunge?

There are hundreds of data professionals in Minnesota who have toyed with the idea of presenting but assume that no one would want to hear from them. They presume their voice adds nothing to the chorus. But you know better. You know how everyone brings a unique perspective which might be just the approach an attendee needed to make things click.

Our PASSMN user group‘s mission is to strengthen our community and inspire our members to share their stories. But we can’t do it alone. We can set the stage, bring the audience, and fill their bellies, but you speakers make it all happen.

As a veteran, you’ve made the rounds at SQL Saturdays. And you’ve helped out with your local user groups. But have you taken the next step? Have you become a force multiplier by helping others join your ranks?

With this year’s SQL Saturday in Minnesota, we’re providing a unique opportunity for new speakers to take their first steps. We will help those curious find a mentor to guide them through creating their first presentation and actually walking out in front of a crowd to deliver it. We’re reserving space at SQL Saturday for new speaker lightning talks. Mentors will work with their mentees to come up with a talk idea, coach them through creating their presentation, and be there for support when they take the stage.

There’s about one week left in our call for speakers, which ends July 23rd. Take this weekend to think about who in your network would be open to taking the next step. On Monday, open the door for them and help them submit a lightning talk. You’ll have plenty of time to work on it between early August and their world debut on October 7th, 2017. We and they will thank you for it.

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