A scribnasium is built.

My wife thought it was a horrible name. She thought it sounded like an infection.

I thought it was a clever portmanteau of “scribe” and “gymnasium”– as in, a place where words could get some exercise.

She might be right, but the domain was available and I was off to the races.

I have been meaning to start a blog for some time. I have a history of sharing personal details on the web which predates the concept of social media, but I clammed up once I entered the corporate world 13 years ago. My youthful sharing came back to haunt me once my colleagues stumbled upon what I presumed was a defunct personal site. It turns out that despite having cancelled my Qwest service, my web site kept on truckin’. Without an active account, I couldn’t just log in and delete it, so my diatribes on advertising and fashion and the picture gallery with the time-lapse healing of a smashed fingernail haunted me from my own personal Wayback Machine.

I’ve tried to keep my online nose clean since then. I’ve even stayed off Facebook, which is challenging as an exhibitionist voyeur, for fear of the endless time suck. So there’s a bit of pent up rambling. I started with a professional presence on LinkedIn (RileyMajor) and I’ve taken some baby steps into the sea of tweets (@RileyMajor), but now I finally bit the bullet and have started a blog.

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